The purpose of including this brief history of our company is to give you an insight into the vast and diverse range of skills available to you.

Trefor Jones & Sons



Trefor left school at age 16 and bought his first ditcher to help out with much needed work on local farms. His skills very rapidly became widely respected and this led to an increase in plant and manpower within the ‘company’ - two new drivers and a range of tractor units with specialised attachments. As well as ditching and trenching the company undertook ploughing, seeding and cultivating activities throughout Wales.

Further expansion and consequent expertise naturally led on to work in the construction and housing industries (and the inclusion of heavier plant such as 360° Big Track Excavators). As the construction/building market increased, so did the company which now employs both of Trefor’s sons, Mark and Geraint. Our highly experienced team is capable of work in a diverse range of industries and no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

We are always available to quote for jobs as well as giving advice on any technical aspects of the work - just give us a call.